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The cross-point™ Collection

MARCH 2018 at 20% Off Retail

yellow, gold and bright red

Each month - except during our Annual and Semi-Annual Special Offers - we feature a popular design in all available colors from the main Pattern Pages at a Special Offer discount of 20% off Retail. For more information and details on companion pillow kits please visit the blog post on wordpress by clicking the "W" at the bottom of the LEFTsidebar. I promise only one mailing each month but please add us to your "safe sender" list.

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As with all of our Special Offers: If you order online, PayPal will bill the full retail and we issue the 20% discount back through PayPal when the order is processed in house. Alternatively, you can also call in your order directly to cross-point at 828-628-2743, or send an email to with your phone number and the best time to reach you.

cross-point is fun, fast and easy! you will love the new jute fabric!

Find all 54 patterns from the pages on the left, in over 300 color choices, squares, rectangles, small and large, in colors from soft to bright. Be sure to also check out rug patterns that make great table toppers and all of our new wider pillow sizes as shown on individual pattern pages. And as always, Happy Stitching!


cross-point™ Kit Name/ Item Number/ size & color Price
01 colors deep red/greige
colors 01 range

Pattern: SOUMAK
Available in four sizes:
#SOAC - 12"x12" (31x31cm)
#SOBP - 20"x13" (51x34cm)
#SOSM - 16"x16" (40x40cm)
#SOU- 20"x20" (50x50cm)

Please refer to the Pattern Page for color options which change from size to size within the same color number. Color range within each is shown.

Regular Price
#SOAC -$49.00
LESS 20%
ONLY $39.20

#SOBP- $89.00
LESS 20%
ONLY $71.20

#SOSM- $89.00
LESS 20%
ONLY $71.20

#SOU- $139.00
LESS 20%
ONLY $111.20

 02 colors blue/red/honey
colors 02 range

 03 colors-soft blue/sand
colors 03 range

 04 colors Chinese red,gold,navy
colors 04 range

 05 colors coral, sea green, gold
colors 05 range




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